Steps of Christ LLC works with churches and faith-based organizations to develop and enrich travel ministries and programs. The company was founded by K.J. Anderson in October of 2017 as a Faith-Based Social Entrepreneurship firm that operates in the travel industry. KJ understands Social Entrepreneurship & Ministry and believe that travel is a great tool to use in Ministry. Social Entrepreneurship through travel, in a way that strengthens the Body of Christ is his Passion, Ministry and Life’s work. It’s what he does everyday. He believes in the benefits and values of travel and how it can impact your Ministry and those who are blessed to be touched by it. We can provide experienced leadership and a step-by-step guide to help you and your leadership understand the benefits of, developing and then implementing an effective Travel Ministry Program. We can help you to understand the why, the who, the where, the when, the what and the how to travel and fund-raise with a purpose. We can help you organize to maximize and provide valuable resources that will help your travel team start a new, or enhance an existing Travel Program or Ministry. We have extensive experience in Social Entrepreneurship as well as designing, developing and implementing Travel Ministries and believe in using travel with an intended purpose.


A Travel Ministry's mission is to provide the Church Members and the Community long and short trips that are Faith based, Social, and Educational that may be inspirational or just fun. The trips are planned to enrich fellowship among church members, and to reach and strengthen their relationship/fellowship within the community, the city, and surrounding areas. Travel Ministry's when properly developed can provide the congregation and community members with more afforable trips while at the same time serve as a viable fundraising resource for other ministry efforts.

 Learn How to Start and Develop an Effective Travel Program or Ministry

Many Churches and Faith Based Organizations are beginning to realize the difference that an effective Travel Program/Ministry can make in their community. They are seeing the many advantages and wonderful benefits that travel can create. Leadership is discovering the impact of this Ministry tool. They see Travel Ministry as an avenue to help them accomplish the mission of the Church as it supports all the different program Ministries. Travel provides many opportunities for Christians to integrate their faith. Individuals of all ages are having life changing experiences as they participate in leisure trips, mission trips, pilgrimages, cruises, retreats, conferences, ball games, couples & singles getaways and adventure travel. Travel offers a very unique and creative way to connect people in Ministry. Individuals are becoming more aware and interested in combining their travel with opportunities to serve. People are blessed as they bless others while serving and vacationing.

The following are just a few of the benefits and values of an effective Travel Ministry.

  • Travel enriches, inspires, educates, encourages, motivates, renews, refreshes, recreates and revives individuals.
  • Travel provides individuals the opportunity to use their SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart/Passion, Abilities, Personality and Experiences) to Minister to others.
  • Travel appeals to all age groups - Senior Adults, Medium Adults, Singles, Couple, Families, Young Adults, Youth & Children.
  • Travel helps individuals to experience the History, Cultures and Lifestyles of the world, while growing in their faith.
  • Travel provides a unique tool for the Church to use to Minister to the spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional needs of individuals.
  • Travel helps to reach out to the unbelieving in a non-threaten way, establishing relationships in order to share one’s faith and being the unbelieving into a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ.
  • Travel provides relationship-building experiences that will enrich the fellowship of the Church family and community.
  • Travel helps the Church accomplish their core-values while supporting each Ministry.
  • Travel provides a consistent fund-raising source that can be used to launch, sustain or expand other Ministries.
  • Travel encourages meaningful relationships with other believers in order to experience authentic community as a Body of Christ.

As a firm we take time to understand you unique needs, interests, and desires and translate them into your own personalized experience and Social Entrepreneurial solution. Rather it’s the design and implementation of a Travel Ministry/Program, a Mission Trip, Holy Land Tour, Cruise, Retreat, Conference, Family/volunteer vacation, Leisure Motor-coach Tour or Ministry Travel. We would love the blessing of showing you how you can “travel better” for less while fund-raising for your Ministry. We would love the opportunity to work with you and to contribute toward the furtherance of your Ministry. Plus we believe that God had ordained and sanctified us for this aspect of the furtherance of His Kingdom in this way and at this point in time.

                                                  Travel Presentations and Programs

                 Looking for a unique Program/Presentation for your Group Meeting?

Representatives from Steps of Christ are available to present an informative, entertaining, magical and exciting program on travel to your Group, Club, Organization or Ministry.

The presentation can be about any aspect of travel from specific destinations, travel resources, travel trends, travel tips, save and easy travel, preparing to travel, international travel and more. The program will include humor, laughter, games, brainteasers, door prices and give-aways.

If you have a specific aspect of our services or destination you want to promote to your Group we can help build the excitement with slides, historical facts, interesting sites, things to do and see, places to eat and places you don’t want to miss.

Over the past 2 years the marketing effort that we are a part of has sold over 200 Million dollars in Travel Sales and is paying out over $600,000 a month in Travel Commissions. As an offering to God our staff want to donate our services to over 100 individual Congregation before 2018 who either want to establish a Travel Program/Ministry, Travel to the Holy Land or raise funds for a Ministry effort. If you have an interest or would/could benefit in some way from this effort or know someone who could please contact me directly at (808) 492-4431 or

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please pray for us and this effort as we will continue to pray for you.

K.J. Anderson III

Steps Of Christ


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